The Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award

We created the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award to honor those farms that are cultivating in a way that promotes environmental health while growing safe, pure, high-quality medicine. In doing so, we hope to create a catalyst of positive competition filled with information sharing, land stewardship, ethical marketing, watershed consciousness, and love of nature, living soil and biodiversity.

At its heart, the award was created to build community and educate people about what regenerative cultivation techniques are and how they can be adopted to help us grow the highest-quality, pure medicine that truly expresses the terroir of the farm. Regenerative farming is cultivating in a way that has a healing effect on the environment through developing closed-loop systems. Examples of regenerative practices are proper land management and stewardship, rainwater catchment, groundwater recharge, living soil building, cover cropping, mulching, composting, polyculture, companion planting, and promoting and preserving native biodiversity and wildlife habitat.