What is the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award?

The Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award is not designed to demonstrate the polarity between types of agricultural, nor is it designed to award one farm with a higher status over all others.  The RCFA  is designed solely to share information and inspiration that will hopefully create more resilient communities, economies and environments.

Regenerative Cannabis Farms demonstrate that through constant observation and integration all systems can obtain abundance both ecological and economic.  With some self regulation, diversity, valuing the marginal and producing no waste we can achieve resilience by responding to change with small, slow solutions.

RCFs demonstrate that there is no difference between friends and family, environment and economy, and compost and soil.

We believe that how we cultivate cannabis, how we treat and value everything within and beyond the cultivation area is directly related to the quantity and more importantly the quality of the cannabis that is grown.


2019 RCFA is Now Closed!

The next RCFA will be held at the 2019 Emerald Cup in California.

The Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award is designed to be a catalyst of positive competition filled with information sharing, land stewardship, ethical marketing, watershed consciousness and love of nature, living soil and biodiversity. The goal of the award is to educate people about what regenerative cultivation techniques are and how they can be adopted to help us grow the highest quality, pure medicine that truly expresses the terroir of the farm.

If your farm operates with these principles of environmental and community ethics at its heart, please review the process, geographic range (see image) and complete the application. For more information related to regenerative practices visit our PRACTICES page.  We feel the need to point out that few farms live up to the standards created for this competition. It is our hope that these difficult standards are viewed not as an impossible bar, but a goal for improvement for years to come.

Whether you enter or not, come join us at the Emerald Cup in California!

The future, as was the past, is Regenerative.

The Award Process

  1. Prepare for the Application
    1. A map of your farm.
    2. Mission and purpose of your farm.
    3. Review the regenerative practices on our PRACTICES page.
    4. 5-7 pictures of your farm that demonstrate regenerative practices.
  2. Application
    1. Note: the application is the first step of the selection process so put the energy into it that your farm deserves.
    2. Answer the following questions/prompts.  It’s best to do this in a word program and copy/paste to the submit field.
    3. Once your application is accepted you will receive a follow up email requesting your farm map and pictures.
  3. Important Dates
    1. Deadline: 2019 RCFA is Closed.
    2. Farm Visits: September 2019.

Application Questions and Prompts

  1. What is your definition of a regenerative cannabis farm?
  2. Describe the setup of your developed sites (residence, ag-buildings, clearings) in terms of their environmental impact.
  3. Describe your water system for irrigation.
  4. Describe how your cultivation site promotes biodiversity.
  5. What are your soil building, amending and plant nutrition processes?
  6. Describe your pest management plan/system.
  7. How do you manage the rest of your property?
  8. How do you ensure your farm provides clean medicine to patients?
  9. Describe your business model in terms of employees.
  10. In what ways does your farm work to benefit the community?
  11. In 200-words or less tell us why you deserve the Regenerative Cannabis Award.
  12. In 200-words or less describe which systems you can improve and how.


2019 RCFA is Closed!

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