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Our Mission

  1. RCF.org is focused on bringing awareness to the cannabis community (farmers, consumers, manufacturers, distributors, marketers, retailers, and governing agencies) about the importance of regenerative practices.
  2. RCF.org believes in the importance of recognizing small, regenerative farms for their contributions to their environment and their community.
  3. RCF.org believes that extremely high expectations for regenerative practices are necessary for shifting the paradigm of resource intensive land use.


Who are we?

RCF.org is a group of dedicated, passionate volunteers that believe regenerative land use is the key to restoring our environment, bolstering our communities and providing holistic medicine to patients.


How to get recognized on RCF.org :

  1. Nominate a farm.  We love hearing about farms from YOU!  Send us an email if you know a farm that's regenerative in its practices.
  2. Apply for this year's Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award.  Check our "2018 Award Winners" page.

There are no fees and no contracts!  Once awarded or recognized as a Regenerative Cannabis Farm you are entitled to use the RCF logo.

Contact Us

Do you have ideas for this site? Do you know of a farm that should be acknowledged? Do you have a recommendation for a Farm Raising? Books, articles or video recommendations?

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Regenerative Cannabis Farming