2018 California Award Winning Farms


Radicle Herbs Farm, Mendocino, CA

We believe it is our role as farmer to enliven and feed the soil to create space for plants and animals to fully express and live into their true being.  Our diversified farm builds fertility through farm-made compost, cover cropping and homeopathic preparations.  We believe that healthy soils are the key to healthy bodies and a healthy planet.

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Happy Day Farm, Mendocino, CA

A micro-scale, multigenerational farm producing food and medicine for our community.  Our diversified crop practices and regenerative land-use create a bountiful and varied farms cape that provides meaning and sustenance to our lives as farmers.  We grow on terraced slopes in ground, from seed with stored rainwater.  DEM Pure and Sun and Earth certified.

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Sun Roots Farm, Mendocino, CA

A medicinal herb and food farm located in Covelo, Ca. We are passionate about earth and self consciousness, creating a more harmonious and revolutionary existence.  Premium quality - heritage genetics and flower for the connoisseur’s taste.

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2018 Oregon Award Winning Farms


Pilot Farms - Ashland, OR

At Pilot Farm every new growing season, we approach the farm with a new set of eyes. And a new set of, goals, and ideas about how to reach them. Our farming systems seem to keep getting simpler in nature but more complex in hypothesis and metaphor. Not more nutrients, but less; not bigger plants, but smaller; not more water, but less; Always with the intention of growing the highest-quality, mineral-dense produce possible while creating a bio-diverse ecosystem that is regenerating season after season. With thoughtful design and vision the more engaging our farm becomes allowing the unique terroir to fully express itself. 

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Inaugural Winner - Green Source Gardens, OR

GSG is focused on environmental rehabilitation and ecological health as a foundation for agricultural production. Our main mission is to partner with nature and the natural climate to enhance bio diversity and pay respect to planet earth and all her inhabitants big and small.

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2018 Regenerative Farming Inaugural Award

Green Source Gardens received the 2018 Regenerative Farming Inaugural Award at  this year's Cultivation Classic. Watch Nick Mahmood talk about why  that's important to him, and get a first hand look at the farm and the  amazing cannabis they are growing.

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