Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award at the 2017 Emerald Cup

See the 2017 RCFA with this year's awardees Lionpaw Organics, Briceland Flower Farm, and Flower Daze!

2017 Award Winning Farms


Lionpaw Organics - Siskiyou County, CA


Our goal at LionPaw organics is to create a diverse healthy ecosystem that promotes more life. We have the ability to tend to beautiful livestock and land. We always approach our slice of heaven with a beginners mind. Always learning and giving back to the land that cares for us. 

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Briceland Forest Farm - Humboldt County, CA


Our mission is to grow the best quality cannabis and food crops possible while improving the health of the natural environment, quality of the soil, and quality of life for us and our greater community. We strive to do this with the most sustainable inputs, practices and systems. To further these goals we encourage constant observation, learning, innovation, and sharing. 

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Flower Daze - Trinity County, CA


Our farm’s mission is to thrive as one whole interconnected living organism that creates its own fertility and regenerates the land, through holistically cultivated biodiversity and closed- loop natural systems of renewal, utilizing guiding principles of permaculture, biodynamics, silviculture & analog forestry, to enhance the health of our native living soils and unique characteristics of our terroir. We strive to develop community around conscious land stewardship, conserve our watershed and preserve the purity of our natural ecosystem, and to create livelihood and serve as a model of small-scale integrative and regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration and reforestation, and economic viability, on a 3-acre homestead. 

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