2016 Award Winning Farms


Dragonfly Earth Medicine - B.C., Canada

Dragonfly Earth Medicine is a family owned business  and farm dedicated to the health and well being of the earth. For 25  years, we have been focusing on Regenerative Living and Farming  practices. On our farm we use a fully closed loop system to grow all our  food and medicine. No commercial inputs are added or needed on our  farm. Using nature as a guide, we grow an incredibly productive farm. 

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Green Source Gardens - Josephine County, OR

We believe it is time to make a strong commitment to the earth and  dedicate our lives to efforts that focus directly on environmental and  ecological remediation. Our main goal as a producing farm is to blur the  line between the natural world and agriculture. We believe that we must  begin to connect our practices of production with that of the natural  landscape and cycles. Careful livestock management plays an important  role in our efforts to create our own fertility as well as restore  health and biodiversity to previously degraded and mismanaged land. 

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Moon Gazer Farms - Mendocino County, CA

Moon  Gazer Farms is a small family farm in Mendocino County, California.  We  are dedicated to building living soil, without tilling, from materials  we have on our land or in close proximity.  This is achieved by burying  wood and other carbon sources as we manage our oak woodlands.  Goats  and chickens mow the grasses, clear underbrush in the forest, and add  fertility to the farm.  All cannabis is in full sun and grown from seed,  as diversity is paramount to a well-balanced ecosystem.  We  are partners with the land, working with the many facets of nature,  to grow the most vibrant food, medicine, and community possible.

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