Regenerative Cannabis Farming

Providing information, inspiration and recognition of regenerative farming practices to the cannabis community and beyond.

The Science of Organic Regenerative Cannabis

March 16-18, 2018.  Beginnings, Briceland.

2018 Regeneratve Cannabis Farm Award

Cultivation Classic

May 12, 2018. Portland, Oregon

Why farm with regenerative practices?

The way we grow plants can have the power to help or hurt our environment. Sadly, the direction taken by modern agriculture has been devastating for the planet, destroying our topsoil, diverting and poisoning our water, while growing toxic and nutrient poor food that leads to a host of health issues. The societal and environmental costs of bad agricultural practices are staggering and terrifying. Cannabis can be cultivated in ways that are high-impact, resource-excessive, and harmful to people, water and the land. However, with the right practices, cannabis can also be grown in a way that can help heal the environment.