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Congratulations Organic Medicinals!

Organic Medicinals is the 2019 Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award winner at the Emerald Cup!

Honoring Spencer Hodgson

The regenerative farming family sends love and peace to Spencer and his family.  

“You have all eternity through which to live in various forms.” ~Alan Watts

What is regenerative agriculture?  We asked these farmers.

What is a Regenerative Cannabis Farm?

A Regenerative Cannabis Farm cultivates medicine under the sun, in native soil with biology.  It works beyond the boundaries of the cultivation site.  It integrates the surrounding environment and community into the systems that build soil, restore habitat, protect water quality and encourage mutualistic relationships.  It breeds resilience and collaboration. It celebrates diversity in its soil, plants and people. It values quality over quantity.  It works year-round with the seasons.  It is bioregional and heterogeneous.  And it is guided by principles and ethics.

In a word, a Regenerative Cannabis Farm regenerates.