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2018 Cultivation Classic Winners

Regenerative Farm Award

RCF would like to congratulate Pilot Farm from Ashland, OR as the 2018 Regenerative Cannabis Farming Award winner!

Inaugural Farm Award

RCF would like to thank Green Source Gardens for inspiring the evolution of Regenerative Cannabis Farming!

What is a Regenertaive Cannabis Farm?

A Regenerative Cannabis Farm cultivates medicine under the sun, in native soil with biology.  It works beyond the boundaries of the cultivation site.  It integrates the surrounding environment and community into the systems that build soil, restore habitat, protect water quality and encourage mutualistic relationships.  It breeds resilience and collaboration. It celebrates diversity in its soil, plants and people. It values quality over quantity.  It works year-round with the seasons.  It is bioregional and heterogeneous.  And it is guided by principles and ethics.

In a word, a Regenerative Cannabis Farm regenerates.

Check out some amazing Regenerative Cannabis Farms!

Under the "Farms" tab you'll find the 2016-2018 award winners as well as farms that deserve recognition for their farming, environmental and community practices.

This month we're featuring two farms from Mendocino County:

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